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Our Classes

No matter your age or fitness level, JKG Wellness is invested in helping you reach your personal goals. Our experienced personal training team will put you on the path to success whether you're training in-studio or training virtually. 

  • 1 on 1 (Virtual)

    Virtual session
    Valid for one month
    • Dedicated and focused individual personal training
  • Group (Virtual)

    Workout as a group online.
    Valid for one month
    • Reap more health benefits working out with others
  • Yoga (Virtual)

    Virtual session
    • Cardio and circulatory health benefits
  • Drop-In (Virtual)

    Sign-up for session when your schedule allows
    • No commitment required
  • New

    Bootcamp (On-Site)

    Full Body Workouts (COVID Friendly)
    Valid for one month
    • Workout as Group (On-Site)